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Newly established automotive R&D center to shape the future of transportation. 

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VIE Technology EUROPE


Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology Co. , Ltd. (www.vie.com.cn) taking the lead of the industry in China. 

VIE Science & Technology provides chassis control solutions for both commercial and passenger vehicles. Wide product portfolio from the conventional products till the highest technology level like electric wheel hub motor or electro-mechanical brake (EMB) for commercial vehicles.

VIE has four R&D centers globally, the newly established VIE Technology Europe is the first  location outside China.


Zhejiang VIE Science and Technology Co., LTD.,


VIE provides high-end solutions for the automotive industry as a global Tier 1 supplier


VIE believes that collaboration is a
key when you shape the future of transportation

Headquarter of VIE, state-level technology innovation R&D Platform. State-recognized enterprise technology center, laboratory and factory
R&D center specialized in electronic control system and ADAS development for commercial vehicles
R&D center specialized in electronic control products such as EPB and electrically controlled steering system for pass cars
Introduction of VIE
Deliver cutting-edge technology

Research &

Automated driving

Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles to improve road safety, efficiency and comfort.
Prototype development to bring Highly Automated Driving (HAD) into reality.


Ready for electrified tomorrow. Innovative products like electro-mechanical brake for commercial vehicles (EMB), electric wheel hub motor and wireless car charger.


The future is connected. We are working on connectivity solutions for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Leading innovation At a glance
Electric wheel hub motor
VIE provides high-end electric wheel hub motor developed in joint venture with Protean
Electro-mechanical brake (EMB)
Industry leading electro-mechanical brake solution for commercial vehicles. Developed in joint venture with Haldex
Wireless car charger
Wireless electric vehicle charger station developed in joint venture
with WiTricity
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Building up a new R&D center takes exceptive challenges, so we are looking for the best professionals

If you feel yourself ready to be part of this adventure,
check the open positions


VIE Technology Europe provides opportunity for students to gain real professional experience during their studies

Our internship program is open for
engineering, science students

What we can offer


Building up new R&D Center
Gain extraordinary experience as a core member of a forming R&D center.
Shape the future of transportation, get involved in cutting-edge developments.
Good office location
Our office is located close to the city center, next to the campus of BME and ELTE.
Our location provides excellent access to public transport
High-end workspace & Tools
We have a brand-new office with large conference rooms, small phone rooms and tailor-made workstations, we use state-of-the-art development tools and
you can also write on the walls
common area, Kitchen
We have dedicated space to build community in a relaxing environment.
The best place to have a coffee after lunch to boost your productivity. The well-equipped kitchen and the snacks are also waiting for you
Business trips
Our business is worldwide. We travel worldwide. You have the opportunity to discover new places, cultures and try yourself in intercultural environment
We take care of you
We work in flexible schedule and provide option for home office. Company care system is also part of our services
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VIE Technology (Europe) Kft.
Science Park, Building A
H-1117 Budapest, Irinyi József utca 4-20.